Scope of the conference

The conference will deal with strongly correlated electron systems. The emphasis will be on the unifying concepts which pertain to most, if not all, electron systems with short range screened Coulomb interactions. These materials exhibit various remarkable anomalies and pose many difficult experimental and theoretical questions. Bringing together some of the most active experimental and theoretical physicists working in the field of electron correlation, we would like to achieve the following :

- To review the most interesting results relevant for strongly correlated systems.

- To focus both on the similarities and differences between various correlated systems.

- To review and discuss the main concepts used in the studies of electron correlation.

- To examine how close the experiments and theory come together, and to guess what comes next.

The aim of the meeting is not so much to offer the 'present day solution' of various anomalies observed in strongly correlated systems but, rather, to characterize and describe the anomalies, so as to find a common element in the experimental results.

So far, Hvar meetings were 'discussions dominated' and we would like to continue that way. We are planning six talks in the two morning sessions and four talks in the afternoon session. The lecturers are not supposed to present just the regular invited talks, but emphasize plans, possibilities, open problems, and the opportunities for new research in condensed matter physics.

In our view, an important aspect of such a meeting is that in addition to usual lectures, we have informal discussions, dealing with controversial issues and providing the opportunity to young people to ask additional question. The poster session will play an important role. The posters will be on the poster boards in the room adjacent to the lecture hall for the whole meeting, and we would like to have a regular meeting of all the participants at the 'poster session', every day one hour before the afternoon session.

We are also planning to have the print-out of all the invited talks (in powerpoint or other format) and we would post these presentations on the boards adjacent to the posters. The meeting will have its web site from which all the presentations will be available. The facilities for video conferencing and real time participation will be provided.