Conference on Concepts in Electron Correlations

Tuesday, September 30


Morning session

8:15 Laszlo Borda, Universitaet Bonn, Germany
Spin and charge correlations around a magnetic impurity

8:55 Gleb Finkelstein, Duke University, Durham, USA
Carbon nanotube quantum dots:SU(4) Kondo and the mixed valence regimes

9:35 Armando Aligia, Centro Atomico Bariloche, Argentina
Kondo effect in transport through Aharonov-Bohm-Casher interferometers

10:15 coffee break

10:45 Siddharth Shanker Saxena, University of Cambridge, UK
Superconducting Properties of Graphite Intercalates

11:25 Klaus Becker, Technische Hochschule Dresden, Germany
On the theory of high-temperature superconductors

12:05 Michele Fabrizio, International School for Advanced Studies, Trieste, Italy
Strongly correlated superconductivity arising in a pseudo-gap metal

Lunch & afternoon break

Afternoon session

16:00 Igor Sega, Institut J. Stefan, Slovenia
omega/T scaling in the dynamical spin response of high-temperature superconductors.

16:40 Fred Zawadowski Budapest, Hungary
On the applicbility of bosonization and the Anderson-Yuval methods
in quantum impurity problems.

17:20 To be announced

18:00 Conference summary