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Scope of the ARW workshop

The workshop will focus on thermoelectric effects in the following systems.
i) Novel intermetallic compounds with correlated electrons.
ii) Nanoscale fabricated heterostructures with strongly correlated electrons.

The charge, spin and energy transport in these complex systems is quite anomalous and any attempt to explain the thermoelectric response confronts difficult experimental and theoretical questions. The workshop will review new materials and examine mechanisms that could lead to new thermoelectric and magnetocaloric devices with an enhanced figure-of-merit.

The main topic is the heat, charge and spin transport in strongly correlated systems, and the final objective is to acquire the basic knowledge about the relevant quantum degrees of freedom, which is required to achieve the control and engineer new thermoelectric and magneto-caloric materials with specific quantum mechanical properties. The scientific advances in this field could have important technological implications.


This workshop will devote ample time to discussions. There are 2-3 one-hour lectures in the morning, with unlimitted discussion time. Every afternoon session starts in the poster room, for discussions, and continues with two more lectures. The poster room is adjacent to the lecture room and posters will be on the boards during the whole workshop. The powerpoint presentations given by the lecturers will be printed out and also put on the boards, giving the participants the possibility for additional questioning. The after-dinner talks should provide a general overview of the field. The presentations will be available on the web site of the meeting.