NATO ARW Workshop on Correlated Thermoelectric Materials

Monday, September 22

Morningn session,Chairman

8:00 Brian Maple, UCSD, USA,
Strongly correlated electron phenomena in filled skutterudites.

9:00 Gabi Kotliar, Rutgers, USA
Applied physics on strong correlation.

10:00 coffee break

10:30 Jim Freericks, Georgetown University, Washington D.C., USA,
Thermoelecrtric response of correlated multilayers.

11:30 Antonio Pereira Goncalves Instituto Tecnologico e Nuclear, Sacavem, Portugal
New approaches to thermoelectric materials

Lunch & afternoon break

Afternoon session,Chairman

16:00 Poster session and additional questioning time for the mornings talks.

17:00 Peter Rogl, Vienna, Austria,
Thermoelectric Clathrates - Structure-Property Relations.

18:00 Rene Monnier, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland,
Effects of the crystalo field splitting on the thermal transport of correlated electrons.

18:45 Vinh Hung Tran, Institute for Solid State Physics, Wroclaw, Poland,
Thermoelectric properties of non-fermi liquid systems.

Dinner break

21:00 After-dinner discussion
Sriram Shastry, University of California, Santa Cruz, USA,
Frequency dependent thermoelectric response - new insights in old problems.