NATO ARW Workshop on Correlated Thermoelectric Materials

Tuesday, September 23

Morningn session,Chairman

8:00 Sadamichi Maekawa, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan
Thermal Current, Spin Current and Charge Current
in Strongly Correlated Materials.

9:00 Brian Sales, Oak Ridge National Lab, USA,
A Critical Overview of Recent Approaches to Improved Thermolectric Materials.

10:00 coffee break

10:30 Claude Godart, Paris, France,
Role of structures on thermal conductivity in thermoelectric materials

11:30 Niels Oeschler, Max Planck Institute, Dresden, Germany,
Low-temperature thermoelectric power of strongly correlated f-electron systems.

Lunch & afternoon break

Afternoon session,Chairman

16:00 Poster session and additional questioning time for the mornings talks.

17:00 Gerd Czycholl, University of Bremen, Germany,
Influence of impurities and crystal field effects
on the thermopower of heavy-fermion systems.

18:00 Andreas Ruegg, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland,
Role of multiple subband renormalization in the electronic transport of correlated oxide superlattices

18:30 Hand Zenia Georgetown University, Washington, DC, USA
Dynamical mean-field theory study of electron-electron correlation effects in multilayered structures

Conference dinner